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Remotely Possible is a subsidiary of Dulong's PC Repair and is owned and operated by Peter Dulong. Dulong's PC Repair has been in operation since 1996, but Peter has over 20 years experience in computers, from designing & building computers to designing software & computer repair & maintenance. He is fully experienced in all Mirosoft & Linux operating systems and he has a special talent for locating and sorting issues. 

We specialize in computer repairs, networking, data retrieval, PC performance enhancement and virus & spyware removal. We offer a wide varity of services and have been asked to help with a huge array problems over the years. We also offer training in most operating systems; customers ask for help with anything from sending & receiving emails, to working in Microsoft Word, finding  files or photos, downloading from the internet or backing up data. For our loyal customers Pete is available in between maintenance work, for quick advice sessions that we do not charge for.

Customer service is very important to us and our aim is to provide our customers with a superb personal service that is not available anywhere else. We have a huge local customer base here in Canada (some customers driving 5/6 hours to bring their computers to us) and we now have customers from all over the world, for whom we work remotely. We can help customers with nearly all PC related problems, the only issues we cannot repair remotely are hardware issues. Having said that, once we have diagnosed the hardware problem, you are in a much better position.... you can then ring round some local repair shops & get the best quote, saving you time & money.

Here at Remotely Possible we want to make sure that you feel comfortable with everything we do, so we will talk you through what we are doing & why, whilst we do it. You can ask as many questions as you like too, during our session. When training you, we do it at your pace, so you grow in confidence as you go along. All our work is done to improve your PC's performance to allow you to have the best possible experience... w e want you to enjoy your computer! Because we are based in Canada, with the time difference, we are open from 2pm to 9pm UK time, so we are available when you are at home with your PC. Again for our loyal customers, we are sometimes available out of hours (after 9pm & w/e's) by prior arrangement.

Let us help you make the right choices - we have a vast knowledge of what your PC should look & run like...  once you let us know what you need from your PC, we can help customize your computer specially for you.

A Canadian remote IT computer repair and diagnostics company

Remotely Possible - 124, Courthouse Rd, Tusket, Nova Scotia, B0W 3M0, Canada 
Remotely Possible is a subsidery of Dulong's PC Repair 
Phone - 1.902.648.0299     Email -  or
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A Canadian remote IT computer repair and diagnostics company