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Here is what some of our customers say about our services -

"Pete is a computer genius... both my laptop & desktop are working so much faster now. I especially appreciated the advice on anti-virus software & spyware. Knowing that he's just a Skype call away if I have a problem is a real bonus"
Dane Halling, Arcturus Wealth Management LLP (Stockbridge, Hampshire, UK) 

"Pete is truly amazing & always available for advice & help, I wonder how I managed before!"
Griselda Halling, Nutritionist (London, UK)

"Pete is 'the man' - his knowledge of computers is incredible, he has taught me so much - I simply could not manage without him."
James Amirault (Tusket, Nova Scotia, Canada)

"Pete is so kind & patient, taking his time to explain everything as he goes along. He's always available to answer any queries too, we wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!"
Veronica & Cal Kent (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)  
(Veronica always brings Pete homemade chocolates at Christmas, other customers please take note!!!)

"Pete built my tower about 5 years ago; it's been great. But today he found 5 infected files and did it all from his home; it's a great service. We were on the phone about 45 minutes to have him take complete control of my system. So easy and helpful....$69.00 Cdn. He knows his stufff!!" 
Heather Mundell  (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

"We at Villa Saint-Joseph du Lac have utilized the services of Pete Dulong for several years. He is profoundly creative, dependable, innovative and works through any challenge masterfully. Pete is also a good listener and very generous in sharing information and ideas. His skills are exceptional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommending his services to anyone."
Rick Atkinson, Administrator, Villa Saint-Joseph du Lac (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)

"I have been doing business with Peter Dulong for two years now for the maintenance and repairs at my office, stores and home. He is very knowledgable and prompt at getting computer issues resolved. The information that he has concerning computer systems is vast. We are continuing with his service, now and in the future."
Judy Whitehouse owner of Yarmouth SUBWAY Ltd (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)

More to follow....

A Canadian remote IT computer repair and diagnostics company

Remotely Possible - 124, Courthouse Rd, Tusket, Nova Scotia, B0W 3M0, Canada 
Remotely Possible is a subsidery of Dulong's PC Repair 
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A Canadian remote IT computer repair and diagnostics company