Speed Up Your Computer

This is our speciality... let our technicians remotely clean up your system deleting any unnecessary files or programs, updating drivers for maximum efficiency, diagnosing any problems, advising on the best anti-virus & spy ware available (some software on the market can actually slow your system down or cause problems with other programs.) We will talk you through everything whilst we work, so you know exactly what we are doing & why.

This is a secure & safe procedure and we respect the customer's privacy at all times.

  • PC General Maintenance
  • Updating  Drivers to Latest Versions
  • Improved Performance
  • Removal of Unnecessary Programs or Files
  • Anti-Virus & Spyware Advice

We Can Work Remotely on Your Computer, Wherever You Are in the World!

Do you often find yourself stuck at home or at work, with an annoying computer problem?

  - Computer Troubleshooting
  - Virus & Spyware Issues?
  - Issues With New Software?
  - New Device Installation Problems
  - Lost some files/photos?

We can help you. After your initial session with us and you become one of our customers, you can contact us if you need help or advice. These small advice sessions do not incur any extra cost.

Superb, Fast & Reliable Service from an Established IT Computer Repair Company

- Experienced computer technicians
- Same day service
- Complete system examination & analysis included
- We can personalize your computer for you & your needs
- Performance improvement guaranteed
- Set price per job, no matter how long it takes
- Anti-Virus & Spyware advice
- Excellent customer support

"Pete is so kind & patient, taking his time to explain everything as he goes along. He's always available to answer any queries too, we wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!"
Veronica & Cal Kent (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)
(Veronica always brings Pete homemade chocolates at Christmas, other customers please take note!!!)

A Canadian remote IT computer repair and diagnostics company

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Remotely Possible - 124, Courthouse Rd, Tusket, Nova Scotia, B0W 3M0, Canada 
Remotely Possible is a subsidery of Dulong's PC Repair 
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A Canadian remote IT computer repair and diagnostics company

Reasonable Rates

We pride ourselves on being very competitively priced and we charge per job, not per hour. We accept payment with all debit/credit cards, via Paypal.

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